Rick And Morty Trivia Questions

Adult Swim
Wubba lubba dub dub! Are you hooked on Rick and Morty? Do you remember Mr. Meeseeks, the Council of Ricks, and Morty’s dog Snuffles? If you’ve got what it takes, check out our Rick and Morty trivia quiz below!

Rick and Morty premiered in 2013 on Adult Swim, with mad scientist Rick Sanchez dragging his semi-innocent grandson Morty around from dimension to dimension. It’s a super hammered drunk Doc Brown and Marty McFly combo, boom!

In every episode, Rick snatches Morty from his everyday lame teenage life, fires up his portal gun, and together they travel to other dimensions, universes, and planets. Rick’s crazy as hell, and Morty’s usually scared out of his mind.

Brainiac scientist Rick Sanchez has traveled all over the multiverse, making a ton of enemies along the way. Morty’s brain waves cancel out Rick’s super smart ones, helping Rick to avoid detection. Does Rick genuinely care for his grandson Morty? You bet. Does he have a strange way of showing it? Yes!

Then you have Rick’s grandson Morty Smith, the ever so timid 14-year-old. With all the traumatic ‘adventures’ he’s been on, this puberty-driven teenager has seen it all.

Don’t forget about the rest of the family. Morty’s dad, Jerry Smith, is unemployed, insecure, and always going at it with Rick. Horse surgeon, Beth Smith, is Morty’s mother and Rick’s daughter. Summer Smith is Morty’s narcissistic sister and is always jealous of Rick’s adventures with her brother.

Are you ready for our Rick and Morty trivia quiz? If you don’t ace it, remember what Rick said, “The universe is basically an animal. It grazes on the ordinary. It creates infinite idiots just to eat them.”