90’s Movie Trivia Questions

Warner Bros.
The 90’s was the decade of blockbuster movie hits! Face it, just how many times did you watch Jurassic Park, Titanic, Batman, or Armageddon? Throughout the decade, more and more summer hits were released, with each movie studio working to outpace each other.

During the 90’s, we got to know Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, Neo in The Matrix, Forrest Gump, and Wayne from Wayne’s World. The Fresh Prince battled aliens in Independence Day, Woody and Buzz teamed up in Toy Story, and the Star Wars Prequels launched with The Phantom Menace.

Are you ready to test your 90’s movie knowledge? We have 10 trivia questions that’ll make you think! Will you come out on top, or, fail miserably? As-if!