Star Trek Discovery Trivia

Are you caught up on all Star Trek Discovery episodes? Do you know the difference between spore drives and warp drives? How about the name of the actor that plays Captain Lorca? Do you remember how many episodes were released in Season 2? If you’re a true Star Trek Discovery fan, you’ll be able to ace our top 25 Discovery trivia questions below!

Red Alert - Spoilers Ahead!

The long-awaited Star Trek Discovery series launched in 2017, over a decade since the last Star Trek series aired on television (Star Trek Enterprise). The show takes place years before Star Trek TOS (The Original Series) and follows the journey of Michael Burnham, a human raised on Vulcan by Sarek and his wife Amanda.

As season one kicks off, we see the formation of a new Klingon empire and ultimately war with The United Federation of Planets. Burnham is court-martialed after the events in the first few episodes but returns to space onboard Discovery under the direction of the mysterious Captain Lorca. We’re introduced to spore drive technology and even holographic communications. Even Harry Mudd makes an appearance midway through the season. There are also several awesome Mirror Universe episodes where we uncover the real identity of Lorca, along with a reappearance of Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). The season wraps with Discovery saving the day and Michael Burnham being reinstated in Starfleet.

The second season follows Discovery exploring several mysterious signals and the puzzling Red Angel character. We’re reintroduced to Section 31, Starfleet’s top-secret intelligence division. Also, a new artificial intelligence enemy (Control) grows in power and seeks out to destroy all organic life in the galaxy. At the end of the season, we see the Enterprise and Discovery face-off with Control in an epic space battle, with Discovery ultimately launched over 900 years in the future to save the galaxy.

Now, back to more production info.

The USS Discovery’s ship design is unique to say the least. Most Star Trek fans love it or hate it. With a flattened secondary hull, it’s somewhat of a departure from traditional Trek designs. Executive Producer Bryan Fuller explained he wanted "something distinct about what our Star Trek was going to look like". Ultimately, they based Discovery’s designs from unused ship sketches by Ralph McQuarrie from Star Trek TOS.

Discovery’s interior and crew uniforms were also quite ‘Trek-ish’ - hints of classic Star Trek-style but uniquely different. Interior shots and uniforms featured mostly blue colors and muted color patterns. It wasn’t until season two in which more vivid colors were introduced. This really helped bridge the ‘look and feel’ between Star Trek Enterprise and Star Trek TOS.

So, you're die-hard Discovery fan? Take the trivia quiz below to test just how well you know your Star Trek Discovery knowledge!